Stolen Jars

by Stolen Jars

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This is the first Stolen Jars full length album.

Stolen Jars was originally a guitar-based solo-project started by Cody Fitzgerald in the Summer of 2009. Cody Fitzgerald composed and recorded all of the music in his house and then asked his friend Magdalena Bermudez to sing with him on the songs. Magda wrote lyrics and vocal melodies along with Cody, however, she lived in Massachusetts, and most of the recording was done separately and sent through Dropbox. The project grew as Cody became more and more involved in the new songs he was producing. John-Elio Reitman soon joined his company as a third singer. With John, Cody had found the sound he was looking for, but sought a way to translate it live. John lived in New York and would not be able to play shows all of the time, Magda lived in Massachusetts and would be unavailable as well, and it would be impossible for him to play everything he had played on the recordings alone. So, he asked a couple of friends to play live with him and his loop pedal. Jonah Fried (drums), Sam Skinner (guitar), Molly Grund (vocals), and Elena Juliano (vocals) came to his aid and they began playing shows around the NY/NJ area. Now, Cody attends Brown University and is working on new material.

150 handprinted copies of the album were made, but they are now sold out. Sorry!


released April 2, 2011

Cody Fitzgerald- Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Vocals
Magdalena Bermudez- Vocals
John-Elio Reitman- Vocals
Molly Grund- Vocals (Ransacked)

Mixed by Cody Fitzgerald
Mastered by Tim Shrout



all rights reserved


Stolen Jars Montclair, New Jersey

Stolen Jars is the music project of Cody Fitzgerald and is made up of:
Cody Fitzgerald
Matt Marsico
Sarah Coffey
Peter Enriquez
Max Finkelstein
Connor McGuigan
Grant Meyer
Magdalena Bermudez
Molly Grund



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Track Name: Stitches
We were not meant to recollect
Cutouts and corners in boxes and bags
Yet stolen our hands are, stolen our heads are
So now rest your head


This is not what you must know
Stall the flake then watch it go
Some say only time can tell
Kill the thrill and give them hell

Tear it down, take it out
Burn the ground: a second shout
React now things you’ve seen are as though you’ve never been
Even now things you’ve seen are as though you’ve never been

I see the signs they’ve made for us
But we will cut them down to dust
Our arms, our legs, we gather up
The parts discuss what we had once
Track Name: Ransacked
And I don’t know
This body well
The whispered song
It’s hard to tell

My feet are heavy
Against the ground
The weight of day
It pins me down

A pilfered home
The barren field
The flocks of birds
Have swept it clear

With each new Fall
Old as we are
The folds in our arms
Much older than us

And lines recalled
Over and on
Make us look as one
But only to us

Without our homes we’re broken
Ransacked by words unspoken

Spit hymns into the dirt and fold them out
We try to find our worth on sodden ground
And with these words I’ll know you now
Track Name: Relics
Were gathering here
And sifting
These relics sincere
Seem fleeting
With each new month
We draw near
Track Name: Grey is My Neck Reminding
we rise now watch the sun as it tells
the sky how high but I never knew
and i try to find a song to fit the mood
and i try to be as blue and you do too
i try to find a song to fit the mood
i’m gonna write a song to fit the mood

stars are tough to fit you know that well as I do
again the mountains move and so do you

i wonder
as tapes take to us
if we'll find
soul song again

just open doors and open windows
this roof is where the sky should be
i want dirt i want moss i want you
and the rest of the notes to come naturally

packed and planned this life is less than real
but the rest of the life waits patiently
someday lets go back to sky and
reminisce about what we used to be

just open doors and open windows
this roof is where the sky should be
i want dirt i want moss i want you
and the rest of the notes to come naturally

run run like the sun
come come wont you run
you know you should be here with everyone
Track Name: Sparrow
The man asks for his time again
The freedom of the quickest sand
A land untouched by his own hands
So he may learn to grow again
But he knows now won’t cease to be
The failures of this human tree
The concrete garden he now knows
Forever flourishes and flows
And so it goes
And so it grows

No you don’t know
Where to go from
Where to come from
But you know why
As the sea spins
You can see it
You can feel it
And you know why

For you follow
The season’s sparrow
For it can’t grow
And you know why

In the end we’ll
Try to stand up
Yet we will falter
And never know why
Track Name: Down to Dinner
Braiding river strings
Rake the rocky ground
Shining shoulder blade
Singing airy sound
Thieving lady stole
Gold and silver teeth
From their lazy mouths
Threw them in the deep

It’s not like we’re getting any younger
Sinking slowly in floors below us
Track Name: Oracle (Song for Jackson Eaton)
old we die
more dead
we become
as we live

like old man
thought he’d show
me all of
meanings he knows

when he spoke
voice in his head
left him then

all came out
hahs and hymns
general false
some of whims

and I didn’t know
not to laugh
for he did smile

but jokes weren't these
just dated breath
and he realized that soon
the youth left
his words were dead

oh old man
your truth is fine
you’ll die in time
but youth die
and it’s alright
oh old man

yet you think back
you reason through
how you have aged
how you’ve come through
your truth is real
yet youth’s truth too
is real to them
as yours to you
Track Name: Soles
We’ll stitch them and make each wool sleeve filthier
Sew each hem, then run your hands into the dirt
Each grass stain makes your legs all the more your own
To walk on the feet that we have weaved and sewn

Our homes were all brittle bones and brittle knees
We’re running, we’ll stagger in these redwood trees
No judgment except the times when we will steal
No sleep now we’ll gather in the windswept fields
Track Name: Comments on the Day Jason Brought Slides of Man Ray
Last summer
with darling and
hatched schemes we

saw jason and
the slides he
brought, like
poetry but paint we

saw slides of
old truths
new ones too

we knew
it wasn’t meant
to mean
a thing
(thank god,
what work that would

and he said
the woman is the
instrument, and
the woman is the
the cello holes
drilled in hips
were no

HE knew (Man Ray)
he never meant
to mean
a thing
(thank god,
what work that would
Track Name: Driving
lets just
hug and cry for
days + days
then shut the door and we’ll just hide away
hide from what i said and how you wept
you take the now and i will all forget

your hairs wrapped to my toe
the tensions caught
you won’t let me go
‘cos i will knot

we’re seperate ’cept
in pool house when
you emptied out
that boy within
and he let on these
tales which bore
others might sleep yet
these are what i adore
he told of you
when you were young
of a boy
some crazy son
i could kill
myself he said
and all you wanted
was to pretend
you said that now
he was away
and if he ever
remembered those days
they were dear, dear to you yes they

slow down awhile and lets just sit
build a fort and talk like we were kids
when we didn't know nothing of this
when we didn't know nothing of this

ill get sheets and you get candles and
we’ll make our own tent and candle land
and we’ll talk without the viel of us
and we’ll talk within the tent of trust

and ill let you see me and ill see you
and know each other through and through
ill see you and you'll see me
and we’ll have our own tent and candle tree

lets just
hug and cry for
days + days
then shut the door and we’ll just hide away
hide from what i said and how you wept
you take the now and i will all forget